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Sausage Mixer

Posted: 07/10/2022

We are looking for a Sausage Mixer for our client in New Franklin, MO.
Sausage makers mix ground meat with special spices and herbs to fill natural or synthetic casings with. The work environment might be quite different depending on where a sausage maker works, but the work always requires proper following of recipes and sanitation procedures. 
Using machinery such as meat grinders and mixers. Maintaining and cleaning equipment and tools. Weighing and measuring ingredients. Filling sausage casing with meat mixture 
Must be able to stand on hard ground for 8+ hours. Ability to lift/move/carry 60 lbs. continuously throughout the shift. Able to work at required speeds. Must be able to tolerate working in a 45 degree room temperature environment. 
Rubber Boots are required! 
Perfect attendance expected! 
Plant manufacturing or similar experience is welcome but not required. 
- Weekly Pay 
- Insurance 
- Temp-Hire